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Joe Croker is compiling a treasure chest of recordings from recent years.


Upcoming Shows

Monday — May 19, 2014
3rd and Lindsley

Nashville, TN
1:30 p.m. • Afternoon Concert w/ Kiya Lacey

Ella Fitzgerald Foundation award recipient Kiya Lacey brings a voice
beyond her eighteen years to the 3rd and Lindsley stage. The Nashville
Scene has described Lacey as possessing vocal gifts of “control and expression
far beyond her years, in ways that will long outlive the novelty of her youth.” She has
opened for pop star Brandy Norwood and is joined by Nashville songwriter Joe Croker—
a lyricist whose tunes have been covered by Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer Jorma Kaukonen, jazz crooner
David Basse, and many others. Croker and Lacey are backed by a band of Nashville heavyweights including
John Jackson (Bob Dylan, Shelby Lynne), Byron House (Robert Plant, Sam Bush), Mark T. Jordan (Van Morrison,
Bonnie Raitt), and Marco Giovino (Robert Plant, Tom Jones). The performance will begin at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Previous Shows

Wednesday — August 3, 2011
The Bluebird Cafe

Nashville, TN
9:00 p.m.

Many thanks to the fabulous crowd, the stellar staff at The Bluebird, and the great
players (Brian Harrison, John Jackson, Ken Coomer, and Charlie Degenhart)
who came out to cook up a touch of magic on a hot Nashville evening.

Photos above by Nick Perrault and Meredith Lawrence.

Sunday — April 17, 2011
private party
w/ Tony Arata and George Marinelli
Nashville, TN
7:00 p.m.

Wednesday — March 10, 2010
The Bluebird Cafe

Nashville, TN
9:00 p.m.

Many thanks to Antje Duvekot, John Jackson, The Earl of Fredrick, and the warm
audience at The Bluebird. As ever, the staff at Nashville's home for songwriters
was top drawer. Erika and her team do a magnificent job -- pure candy all around.

Wednesday — August 5, 2009
The Bluebird Cafe

Nashville, TN
9:00 p.m.

Many thanks to the sellout crowd, to Erika for the gig, to the phenomenal band
(bassist Byron House, guitarist John Jackson, keyboardist Eric Bikales, drummer
Marco Giovino, and background singer Charlie Degenhart), and to the best manager
south of the Cumberland and north of the Harpeth: Tony 'Baba Dass' Springman.

Wednesday — August 6, 2008
The Bluebird Cafe

Nashville, TN

Grace and Trespasses
c d    r e l e a s e

Before a sellout crowd, Jim Tract of Adroit Records offered an eloquent tribute
to singer-songwriter Joe Croker on his official release of "Grace and Trespasses."
Band members included bassist Byron House, guitarist John Jackson, keyboardist
Eric Bikales, drummer Tom Hoey, and background singer Charlie Degenhart.
Joe was also joined onstage by a trio of wonderful young singers:
Lisa Carson, Stephanie Rothenberg, and Rachel Cochran.

Photo below by Jim Tract.

Wednesday — June 20, 2007
The Bluebird Cafe

Nashville, TN

Wednesday — May 24, 2006
The Bluebird Cafe

Nashville, TN

John Jackson described this sellout event as the most electic and varied of the sets.
Kristin Wamp brought the candy with her hypnotic voice, and Leah High, Claire
Berry, Kelly Diehl, and Brian Finan added theirs to round out the Tom Hoey /
Byron House rhythm section. A good time was had by all.

Saturday — May 20, 2006
Eddie's Attic

Decatur, GA

Special thanks to the wonderful staff at Eddie's Attic and the sterling
musicianship of bassist Jim Photoglo and drummer Mike Radovsky.

Wednesday — January 25, 2006
The Basement — 8:00 p.m.
Nashville, TN

The Four Wing-Dingers: Doug Hoekstra, George Marinelli, Joe Croker, and Charlie Degenhart

Wing-Ding Band bassist Mark Prentice and drummer Vinnie Santoro kept the quartet of performers
in groove as each delivered a unique five-song set during one of Nashville's frostier nights.

Mandy Queen of Darts with Joe Croker at The Basement

Friday — October 7, 2005
The Mint
Los Angeles, CA

On Friday, October 7, 2005, Joe Croker appeared with former Bob Dylan / Lucinda Williams sideman
John Jackson and was joined by Dave Meshell and Al Heifitz of LA's The Neighborhood Bullys.

The venue was The Mint.

Friday— September 9, 2005
The Five Spot
Nashville, TN

It was Wing-Ding night at The Five Spot as Bonnie Raitt sideman George Marinelli joined Dingers
Doug Hoekstra, Charlie Degenhart, and Joe Croker for a four set extravaganza with the Wing-Ding Band
(Marinelli, Mark Prentice and Vinnie Santoro). Highlights included Charlie Degenhart's unequivocal
declaration that he is prepared to go toe to toe with Dick Cheney, either in the ring, on the football
field, or on the operating table. The Vice President could not be reached for comment.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005
The Bluebird Cafe
Nashville, TN

Kicking off the release of Candy World, his debut EP on Nashville’s Wing-Ding Records,
Joe Croker took the stage at The Bluebird Café for a night of rock, country, blues, and swing.
Following on the heels of 2004’s Shame, Shame, Shame, the Kansas City-born
songwriter followed up on recent successes, including best of 2004 accolades from
radio shows in Great Britain (96.6 FM West Sussex, 96.7 FM Bradford).

Joining him were legendary Nashville guitarist and former Bob Dylan/Lucinda Williams
sideman John Jackson. Bass maestro Byron House (Sam Bush, John Prine, Amy Grant,
Buddy and Julie Miller, Susan Werner, Dixie Chicks, Nickel Creek) brought his trademark
fretless prowess to the event. And Tom Hoey — veteran drummer with up-and-coming
youth stars like Jessica Andrews, Billy Gillman, and Josh Turner enjoyed a change
of pace with Croker — a full-fledged troubadour. Nashville vocalists Trez
Gregory (fresh off a recent appearance on The David Letterman
Show), Kelly Diehl, and Claire Berry rounded out the band.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
The Bluebird Cafe
Nashville, TN

Joe appeared with Bonnie Raitt sideman George Marinelli,
Bob Dylan / Lucinda Williams guitar slinger John Jackson, bassist
Mark Prentice (Elvis Costello, The Fairfield Four), and
Vinnie Santoro (Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter).

Kudos go to all and sundry: the wonderful sellout crowd, the stand-in
singers and musicians (Olivia Peterson, Elizabeth Conrad, Laura Lea
Bryant, Cliff Goldmacher, Marina Carter), the photographer
(Carole Hagan), videographer (Pete Goodwin), the wrecking crew
from Peterbilt, the friends from Harpeth Hall and Nashville generally,
writer Robert Rebein, and the great team at The Bluebird.

Friday, July 16, 2004
The Baggot Inn

New York, NY

Shannon Ford was inimitable, Mark Prentice and
John Jackson were magnetic, and Joe brought
in the dark angel blues on a warm evening
in the West Village. Thanks to all and sundry:
(Liz, Jordan, Zarnow, Michaela, Deana,
Willy Nile, Paul, Mike, Carduff, Wilkinson, Riley
(sans squirt-gun), Ellen & Lauren, and on ...

Special thanks to Alissa Newton and Jon Anthony
for the sales and sound, Dave Foster for the gig, and
Miss Leah High for stepping in with the angelic voice.

Sunday, October 5, 2003
Casa Morris (private party) Nashville

Many thanks to Mark D. Sanders for inviting Joe
to sit in with James Dean Hicks and Mike Reid at a
private fundraiser. Great songwriters, great people.

Sunday, August 10, 2003
The Hurricane

Kansas City, MO

Joe Croker returned to his hometown in August
with a cadre of stellar players: John Jackson,
Mark Prentice, and Vinnie Santoro. A million thanks
to all of the old friends, colleagues, family, students
(way to tear it up Damian), and loved ones (one and all)
who came out to rock on a late Kansas City evening.

Thursday, July 3, 2003
Rudyard Kipling
Louisville, KY

Heartfelt kudos to two top notch songwriters who kindly
let Croker join them: Jacob Lee and Danny Flanigan.
Many thanks also to Nita, Baba, Les, Susan,
Tamie, Avery and the nice people at the Rud.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
The Bluebird Cafe
Nashville, TN

We really appreciated the sellout crowd, Amy Kurland
for letting us play, writers Craig Havighurst and
Martin Brady for their thoughtful notices,
and the top flight musicians: John Jackson,
Tommy Spurlock, and Vinnie Santoro.

Saturday, February 8, 2003
at the Kentucky Theater
Louisville, KY

A special thanks to John Gage, Danita Campbell, Les Reynolds,
the Kentucky Homefront crew, ace guitarist Chas Williams,
and the wonderful Kentucky homefront audience.




The Bluebird Cafe wrote,

Joe Croker is a teacher at Nashville’s prestigious Harpeth Hall.
But once a year he puts down the chalk (do school’s still use that?
Blurbman old) and picks up his axe to teach a lesson in smart
pop/rock songwriting. Hmmm … someone should make a movie
about something like that. Jack Black could be in it. Hmmm…