music and lyrics by Joe Croker

One dark rainy night in KCMO with Kate n’ Pablo
We went out to shoot a little pool on the who cares skid row
And the old bartender, Chuck, he asked, “Where you all from?”
He said, “I seen the whole wide world with the U.S. Army, son."
"And although this is my home," he said there’s one place
He'd love to go—

He said, “The girls, man, they’re all so pretty in Barcelona.”
He said, “It’s such a lovely city—Barcelona.”
In the night, in the day, on that great Mediterranean highway,
Yeah, he’d love to go and stay
In Barcelona

After the Opera burned down, we walked along Las Ramblas
Past markets packed with carne, pescado, y verduras
Past them elegant hotels with the dark dim interiors glowing
Into loud chrome retreats where Desire does her feats
Well into morning

And the pale, dark-haired girl with the white blouse
In the tapas bar
Clangs her pots
She makes sure the coffee is hot
In Barcelona

Well, I still don’t know Catalan
But I’ve been to the bottom of a paella pan
Where artist, intellectual, and banker still plan to join hands
As the sailors come in the buildings begin with the workmen
'Round the corner from where a Moorish tower
And synagogue still stand

"Y Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus," says Antonio Gaudi
From the spires of the Sagrada Familia towering—
Over Barcelona

He said although Kansas City is his home
Man, there’s one place he’d like to go—