Well, It's Late
music and lyrics by Joe Croker

Well it’s late
But I—I got something to say
Honey, where did you get those eyes?
Where did you get that smile?
Didn’t your mama ever warn you
Girl girl girl
Against too good a time?

Take your money
Take all your booze
All the powders and the pills
The primping and the popping
And the penguin suits
Hey throw ‘em out
Flush ‘em down
Rip ‘em up
Honey, let’s get down

I can always tell baby
When you wanna
Bam bam bam jam jam
Or hold my hand

They can take my job
They can take my car
They can take my guitar
Oh that’s going too far
Take my land of the free
One woman, one man, one vote
Sweet Jesus, democracy

But if they take you
I’m bound to die
They take away
They take away
The reason why

I can always tell sugar
When you want to
Bam bam, yeah
Or hold my hand

What we’ve done
Gonna last forever
It’s been great
Just being together

Well it’s late
I gotta go
Pack up
Honey, hit the road
Before I do
Just let me say
Just let me say
I love you